Black Sun Racing Team

Black Sun Racing is far more than just a car and driver. There are a large number of people involved in the essential roles of building, designing, supplying, supporting and promoting products and services to get the car to a race. The following are just some of these dedicated people.


photo 20130809_150301_zpsba50ab6a.jpg

Mike, Kev and Dex use their experience of American car engineering to build the race winning car.


 photo IMG_5292_zps18ac06cb.jpg

John, Robbie and Terry study the performance of the car at each race and work with their team of engineers to specify the correct parts and setup to win races.


 photo 20130725_205952_zps22a286e7.jpg

Simon and Tracey design and fit the car livery to match the other sponsor’s requirements.


 photo IMG_5302_zps9f83ddc6.jpg

Hannah is a blog editor, dedicated to improving global publicity for the team.


 photo IMG_5322_zps1577f5e0.jpg

The KW suspension team have selected Black Sun Racing to help refine the design of the Mustang KW Club Sport suspension for road and race application.

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