Last championship charge – Goodwood 24-Sep-16

Goodwood has traditionally been a difficult circuit for me, with my own bravery being a limiting factor (caused in part by some limitations of the car which are now being overcome).

 photo IMG_5717_zpssblqgzwl.jpg

I would like to send my best wishes to Kevin See of Redline American Muscle at Rochester in Kent, who has been getting over some health problems, but is fortunately making a recovery. I would like to recommend Redline to all readers of American Car magazine (and American car owners in general) to see what these magicians can do for your car! They are very skilled, knowledgeable and reasonably priced!

 photo IMG_0937_zps69xseahi.jpg

The Mustang race car with Kevin See, Mike Thompson and Alex Peters at the Redline American Muscle workshop in Hoo, Kent.

Getting towards the end of the season, this was my last realistic chance of winning the championship. Although I had been leading the championship up to the middle of the season, I hadn’t manage to enter enough events for various personal reasons.

 photo 14379882_1193018027408862_28332671563128163_o_zps4cg93scb.jpg
Some of the 60 Speed League championship contenders gathered at Goodwood (Picture by Tim Simpson)

At last I had a chance to try out the Redline throttle mod on a track where it would make a difference (there being no braking to heel and toe at the Brighton Speed trials and I couldn’t use the power in the pouring rain at MIRA). This really paid off, the massively increased feeling of control being able to control the engine revs under heavy barking was great, rather then the previous awful feeling of anticipation of a stationary engine slamming into the clutch and locking the back axle, spinning me off the track at Woodcote as it had in the past! Thanks Redline!

 photo IMG_5597_zpsym1xb3g4.jpg

There were a lot very competitive cars in my class at this event, three of whom (Bill McKenna – Posche 911 GT3, Tim Simpson – Honda S2000 supercharged and Alan Lee – BMW M235) I had never managed to beat in the past. Therefore I knew I had to pull out an even greater performance than when I had won my class at Goodwood earlier in the year. I psyched myslef up before the first run – don’t lift at Fordwater, don’t lift at Fordwater!

However, it started badly in practice with the traditional tricky gerabox problems as I missed 3rd gear at Madgwick, which dented my confidence. As a result of this whilst still trying too hard I not only lifted at Fordwater but had too brake on the apex as I was carrying so much speed. Even then I still managed to get two wheels on the grass as I exited the apex towards St Marys, a very scary moment! Despite this complete mess of a lap, I found that I was third fastest in class, which given the competition was pretty good!

On the first timed run I put in a much better perormance. Despite still braking at the apex of Fordwater, I went much faster into St Marys, using the whole width of the track for a change. (Like most drivers, I previously braked much too hard and early for this intimidating 90 degree right hander, only to find when I got there I was going too slow and a lot of spare space). I also push much harder through the complex at Lavant, hitting all three apices without moving the steering wheel – very satisfying to know that you had the perfect line. Unbelievably I now found myself in 2nd place as Tim Simpson had made an error, although I was only two hundredths of a second quicker than him.

 photo snetterton_zpsbadztqmf.jpg

I didnt think I could catch Bill McKenna who had already put in a 2 second faster time than me in his Porsche. I was comfortably ahead of my other rivals (Andy Deeley – Nissan 200SX, Jim Giddings – TR8 and Alan Lee – BMW M235), so I thought if I could push myself even further then I might take 2nd place – something I hadnt dreamed possible before the start of the event where I though 5th or 6th were more likely.

I drove flat out (although still braking at Fordwater, I couldnt talk myslef out of it!) I was aggressive across kerb at Woodcote and sliding out of final chicane I shaking with adrenaline at the finish. However, it hadnt been enough, in fact I had gone nearly two tenths of a second slower on that lap, whilst Tim and Bill had both gone a second faster, so I finished third, still a reasonable achievement. In particular, I was very pleased to beat Alan Lee in his BMW M235 whose traction control systems had given him a great advantage at many events this year. Finally I could use the Mustang power to a greater effect!

 photo IMG_0925_zpspos1vo7s.jpg
3rd place trophy

Congratulations for a brave perfromance on the Goodwood track to Susan Gibbard and Kim Charnley in their MX5!

Where marked, pictures in this article are by J Howie Photography.


 photo IMG_0914_zpshobu233v.jpg
1st 31 Bill McKenna
Porsche 911 GT3 – 95.95 secs
 photo IMG_0911_zps9mo5x3d8.jpg
2nd 29 Tim Simpson
Honda S2000 – 97.64 secs
 photo IMG_0918_zpsnmxjzpjh.jpg
3rd 35 Alex Peters
Ford Mustang – 98.72 secs
 photo IMG_0915_zpsrkw9kunq.jpg
4th 32 Andy Deeley
Nissan 200SX – 100.08 secs
 photo IMG_0909_zpsytl6gdmh.jpg
5th 25 Alan Lee
BMW M235 – 100.82 secs
 photo IMG_0916_zpscdbxalip.jpg
6th 34 James Giddings
Triumph TR8 – 101.56 secs
 photo IMG_0919_zpsiwx7g057.jpg
7th 33 Chris Penfold
Ford Sierra Cosworth – 102.28 secs
 photo IMG_0907_zpsttuqlcn3.jpg
8th 27 Geoff Corderoy
Reliant SS1 turbo – 104.73 secs
 photo IMG_0910_zpspv8vupan.jpg
9th 28 lan Halstead
Seat Ibiza turbo – 108.73 secs

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