100th of a second faster than a rival – Abingdon 4-Jun-16

 photo abs16_69_mrol8663_zps7yjxu2lv.jpg
The Abingdon sprint consists of runs over two courses with final results worked out by adding the two times together. The first course is around the perimeter track of the airfield and features some very fast bends, whilst the second course uses the main runway with some very tight corners that favour the smaller cars. I knew from previous experience that the Mustang had to do well on the first course for a good result.

 photo abs16_69_mrol8244_zps8exupzof.jpg
As always at Abingdon I was in a very large class of 18 cars include a lot of interesting old triumph GT6s and an Alfa Romeo, as well as the regular group of more competitive modern cars headed by Bill McKenna’s Porsche 911 GT3, a couple of supercharged mini JCWs, Jim Giddings TVR engined Triumph TR8, Gordon Peters impressive Nisan 350Z, Simon Taylors rapidly improving turbocharged Renault Alpine GTA and the turbocharged MX5 that had just beaten me at Rushmoor earlier in the season.

 photo abs16_69_mrol8488_zpsml8tjmzu.jpg
Unlike the 2015 event, I had the SLP exhaust fitted which gave me considerably more power. I also had the HiSpec brakes, which gave me much more confidence than ever before, enabling me to carry much more speed into the 90 degree left hander at the end of the main straight. I knew that on my final run i had really got the hang of the track. If I could get a clean lap together I could move up to 3rd place. I absolutely flew through the fast curve into the chicane and then slid around the cones as I pushed the power hard back onto the straight. My heart was pounding as I knew I had really improved my time through the difficult section and all I had to do was get the car home cleanly – however, as I pulled out of the chicane with the supercharger screaming I changed to third – and the usual gearbox problem reappeared so I juggled with 5th, 2nd and finally third before I reached the next corner. It was a disaster and I was very upset knowing what a great result I could have achieved.

 photo abs16_69_mrol8813_zpsrlep9ihr.jpg
Despite the problems I was in 5th place on the first course behind Simon Taylor, just ahead of Jim Giddings. I thought I made an even worse mess of the second course, struggling for gear changes whilst trying to haul the Mustang round corners so tight they would have been a problem on full lock even at parking speeds! I was so disappointed with my performance I didn’t even check the times believing that I had a completely hopeless the event and went home feeling rather despondent. However, when I eventually received the results by email I was amazed to find that as with every year Jim got faster on the second course, while Simon got slower, so that I remained in 5th place with my aggregate time just 0.01 seconds faster than Simon! This was far better than I had imagined possible as I scored a lot of points because of the very large class, beating 13 other competitors.
 photo abs16_69_mrol8484_zpsfjfqnjo4.jpg


 photo IMG_8850_zpswxblyh5r.jpg
1st 67 Bill McKenna
Porsche 996 98.45
 photo IMG_8839_zps0p7cgap6.jpg
2nd 51 Richard Trevail
BMW Mini JCW 101.82
 photo IMG_8845_zpstujpr6fr.jpg
3rd 66 Gordon Peters
Nissan 350Z GT 103.33
 photo IMG_8838_zpsxwg5ti6w.jpg
4th 68 Jim Giddings
Triumph TR7 V8 105.88
 photo IMG_8842_zpsusk45fd3.jpg
5th 69 Alex Peters
Ford Mustang GT 106.65
 photo IMG_8848_zpsyyb6p9zd.jpg
6th 60 Simon Taylor
Alpine Renault GTA 106.66
 photo IMG_8837_zpsgfqhzkc4.jpg
7th 57 Andy Deeley
Nissan 200SX 107.12
 photo IMG_8849_zps2imzdvbs.jpg
8th 53 Nicholas Horne
Mazda MX5 107.57
 photo IMG_8840_zpskulzgzro.jpg
9th 54 Paul Braddock
BMW Mini Cooper 110.85
 photo IMG_8846_zpsdfnxitod.jpg
10th 55 Michael Duncan
Volkswagen Scirocco 111.53
 photo IMG_8844_zpsvbnv6tmv.jpg
11th 52 Tony Shearman
Ford Fiesta 111.75
 photo IMG_8855_zpskejdrljr.jpg
12th 64 Nick Smith
Triumph TR6 2B 112.60
 photo IMG_8841_zpstzmxmlc1.jpg
13th 58 John Le Poidevin
Alfa Romeo 159 2.4 JTDm 116.38
 photo IMG_8854_zpsyk1hyesf.jpg
14th 63 Roger McEwen
Triumph TR6 Pi 121.26
 photo IMG_8852_zpsdprsvexh.jpg
15th 59 Robert Mead
Triumph TR4 121.57
16th 38 Martin Paine
Triumph TR6 126.93
 photo IMG_8857_zpsplprwq12.jpg
17th 65 Chris Roberts
Triumph TR8 130.19
 photo IMG_8853_zpsrsnrib83.jpg
18th 61 Tom Purves
Triumph TR3a 5 130.90

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