TV Appearances

The Black Sun Racing team have appeared in two TV programme recordings recently giving good coverage for sponsors. In the Channel Classic Car show Series 1 episode 3 includes a feature on the Crystal Palace sprint where the Mustang has competed in 2013 and 2014. In the show a member of the presenting team has a go at his first motorsport event at Crystal Palace.

 photo EC3B0E6A-9CEB-4E5C-9168-42640162E996_zpsego8mg0y.jpg

Following this, the Black Sun Racing was included in the filming of a TV show held at the Redline American Muscle workshops in Aylesford in Kent. Unfortunately details of the show are currently embargoed but will be released close to the on air date in April. The show makes a great use of the mighty roar of the 573 BHP supercharged V8 of the Mustang !


2 thoughts on “TV Appearances

    • Thanks Ben ! Come and join us for one of the local sprints on our calendar – I recommend Crystal Palace or Lydden Hill !


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