Two class wins in a weekend – Blyton Park 14-Jul-15

This was the greatest performance of my race career to date. Whilst I won my class on both days, on the second day I beat most of the cars at the meeting, including a number of expensive supercars. I was really pleased to show the full potential performance of both myself and the car.


Semi slick Toyo Proxes R888 used for the first time this season. However, these were last years tyres and worn to the end of their lives so grip wasn’t great.


For the first time this year with some dry running on both days of this two day event, with the KW suspension upgrades, the supercharger and the right tyres, car and driver could demonstrate the winning performance they were capable of.

There was still an issue with the wheel arch lining rubbing against the front tyre under heavy braking, which had first been seen at Abingdon, fortunately no serious problems were seen with this until after the race. KW have kindly supplied stiffer springs that should help reduce dive under braking and solve this issue.


Jeff Wiltshire was the only other SDMC member at the meeting and had some very bad luck with fuel pump failure in the first practice, so was unable to compete.

On the first day I pushed faster and faster, to the point where I came into the chicane too quickly and ran out of braking space, hitting a kerb on the chicane quite hard and sliding over the mud on the exit. However, no harm was done and I had now learned the limit of how fast I could take that corner.

I was up against my close rival Brian Marshall in my class again. Every previous meeting we had swapped fastest times throughout the event, with the final result being hundredths of a second apart. Although I beat Brian on the first day of the competition, I was not happy with my own performance, feeling that I should have gone faster.

On the second day, after the second practice I was low on fuel, but had to make a long drive to Scunthorpe to get the correct high octane fuel required for the supercharger. As a result I had to rush back to the track with no time to prepare for the first official time run. I made the startline queue as the final car, pumped up with adrenalin. As a result, I tore around the track and got a much better time. This help me focus for the afternoon and really feel how to drive the car quickly on this course.

In the final session of the day, I drove a tremendous lap, sliding the car through each of the complex bends like Gilles Villeneuve, absolutely on the ragged edge.  My time was two and a half seconds faster than my best time the day before. Most amazingly I beat the times for all but two of the TVRs, all but two of the Ferraris (including tieing with a 430) and all but two of the Lotuses.

However, I still have a mountain to climb to beat Jeff Wiltshire in the championship, I need at least three wins over a large class to have a chance.

I beat all but two of the TVRs….

I beat twelve out of thirteen Lotuses including Elises and 350Rs…

I beat nine out of eleven Ferraris including 360s and 430s…

1st Alex Peters – Mustang GT – secs 2nd Brian Marshall – 944 Turbo – secs

3 thoughts on “Two class wins in a weekend – Blyton Park 14-Jul-15

  1. How on earth is 78.42 seconds quicker than 75.13?? Found your blog to be completely inaccurate. You didn’t beat all the TVR’s, especially not the 7litre T350!!


    • Simon,

      thank you very much for your message and bringing this issue to my attention, the blog is not knowingly written to be inaccurate. The times referred are for Sunday 15-Jun-14 when the Mustang achieved a lap time of 76.00 secs. The TVR T350 final lap time was 76.71 secs, however, I now note that I had missed that its first run was faster at 74.53. The article will be updated accordingly.


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