120MPH tank slapper – Goodwood 26-May-14


Unchanged from Crystal Palace


Heavy rain meant that I could not put power down, wet tyres meant that I had little grip as the track dried.


I only managed 3rd of 3 in my class due to the horrendous weather conditions, many cars crashed. I was banking on crazy Kevin Lower crashing his BMW – he did manage a big spin off the track, nearly collecting another car as he reentered in reverse and then clipped the chicane, but didn’t do a good job of it as his car was still driveable ! I was getting wheelspin in every gear and came through the chicane at right angles facing towards the flag marshall. I had a tank slapper at about 120mph at the appropriately named Ford Water corner so decided not take more risks and settled for third behind the Porsche 911 I had beaten at Goodwood a year earlier in the dry, who was 15 seconds slower than my previous best time due to the terrible conditions.

1st Anthony Claringbould
Porsche GT3 – 114.27 secs

2nd Kevin Lower
BMW 328 – 115.96 secs

3rd Alex Peters
Ford Mustang GT – 121.96 secs

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