Landow 27-Aug-13 – a whole lap of four wheel drift !

 photo IMG_5225_zps7db78828.jpg


After the failure of the OEM Upper Control Arm at the Goodwood race, a
Steeda competition UCA was fitted. This gives much more robust connection to the rear axle allowing complete confidence and stability when accelerating hard from a standing start. Its stiffness eliminates wheel hop, meaning that car pulls away in straight line, even when the wheels are spinning to warm the tyres.

 photo IMG_5239_zpsc3e5604d.jpg
Rival driver Sam Lester trying out the Mustang for size !

Mechanical Performance

The Llandow circuit is quite small meaning that all corners are quite tight radii. As a result the car was in an almost permanent four wheel drift due to lack of lateral grip. I hope that the planned spring stiffness upgrade should help to keep even weight on all four tyres and help to improve this in the future. However, the grip levels available were far lower than the competing four wheel drive cars.


A better than expected result placed me in the middle of the three two wheel drive cars and beating some of the four wheel drive cars. It was always going to be difficult to beat the BMW Z3M which had more power and much less weight.

1st – 29 Andrew COTTRELL
Subaru Impreza 85.46 secs
2nd – 734 David PEARCE
Subaru Impreza 86.00 secs
3rd – 30 Chris BERRISFORD
Subaru Impreza 87.59 secs
4th – 31 Adam PEMBLE
Toyota Celica GT4  88.0 secs
5th – 28 Lawrence ALEXANDER
BMW Z3M 91.08 secs
6th 27 Alex PETERS
Ford Mustang 94.48 secs
7th – 32 Glen TUNSTALL Subaru Legacy 95.257th 8th 33 Brian MARSHALL
Porsche 944T 96.27 secs
9th – 34 Liz PEARCE
Subaru Impreza 97.14 secs

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