Goodwood 15-Jun-13 – Fastest car, but no win


No changes from previous race.

 photo 945644_10151445164187124_745446513_n_zps2a4597d8.jpg

Mechanical Performance

The car performed excellently, I was able to push hard with confidence (up to the point of the aero failure). Coming into the final corner at around 140MPH, the undertray below the front spoiler became detached. You wouldn’t think that the Mustang had much in the way of aerodynamics, but the car exploded ! The body shuddered, the bonnet was flapping and the upper control arm on the rear axle failed. Bizarrely the first thing to cross my mind was “can I keep this thing going and still get a good lap time ?” but common sense took over and I slowed the car.

 photo 976634_10151445156427124_961703567_o_zps16043935.jpg


It only takes two cars to make a race ! At this event, my only opponent in my class was Paul Braddock, who had beaten me in a number of previous events by large a margin of around three seconds. However, given my previous great performance at Goodwood, whose greater speed curves suited the Mustang, I though maybe today I could win. I was fastest on the first timed run by 0.26 seconds at 100.03 !

 photo IMG_4911_zps04f6fd0b.jpg

Paul Braddock relaxing !

 photo IMG_4904_zpsed852e49.jpg

Me, contemplating a win !

On the second timed run, I focussed my mind – “I am going to beat Paul Braddock!”. I flew round the lap, braking later and cornering more aggressively. However, at the last corner slowing from around 140MPH I made a mistake – I didn’t heel-and-toe properly, allowing the big 4.6 litre V8 engine to slow too much. As I engaged the clutch, the rear wheels snatched sideways and dragged the car across the kerb onto the grass ! I slid the car back onto the track as the car then oscillated in a tank slapper but I recovered to straighten up just before the chicane. Amazingly despite the off road antics and slowing down I was only 0.6 secs slower than my previous best time ! I estimate I lost a couple of seconds with the messing about so my time was potentially good enough to challenge reigning champion Jim Giddings at our next meet at Goodwood !

Sadly, my final timed run ended with the aero failure and Paul Braddock made a small improvement to 99.60 secs, so whilst I was the fastest car, I didn’t win.

1st Paul Braddock – 99.60 secs
Mini Cooper Supercharged
2nd Alex Peters – 100.03 secs
Ford Mustang GT

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