Accolades on the first win !

The following very kind messages have been received following the first race win at North Weald and win at Lydden Hill:

“You must be over the moon” – Jason, SDMC

“I would like a go in that ‘stang….. ” FBF25T, SDMC

“Sounded amazing, was fun to watch it. Best car of the day. ” susiew, SDMC

“the star of the event (in my book) was Alex Peters who took his very first class win in only his second event in class A5, with the mighty Mustang GT. Congratulations to him.” Chis, ASEMC

“Well done!!” Nitin, LinkedIn

“Well done mate!” Steve , Cantium Scientific

“Very well done,Alex,from all of us at Redline American Muscle.” Kevin, Redline

“Congrats on win number 1!” Robbie, Steeda

“Good work! See you at Crystal Palace. šŸ™‚ ” Steve, Black Sun Racing Blog

“Well done Alex, first pot is always the best.” Steve, SDMC

“Well done Alex Peters! Do I need racing license to enter those sprint events ?” Maciej, Black Sun Racing facebook

“Well done mate, looking fwd to you teaming up with rewards4work soon!!” Mike, Black Sun Racing facebook

“Congrats on the win” Tony,

“well done,“, Daren,

“Alex, well done mate” Ian,

“Well done Alex!Ā  Car is looking good and you are having fun which is the key!” Lawman429,

“Nice work, always good to see one getting used on the track ” Mach1mike,

“I concur Nice work !” Mustanglimey,

“Well done Alex.” Roo,

“Well done.Ā  Porsche baiting was a favourite of mine when I used to do sprints & hillclimbs in mine especially at non Mustang friendly venues.” Evomoose2,

“Well done Alex!Ā  that’s great news, I’m very pleased for you ” Shnickerlaus,

“Congrats Alex!” Badhand,

“CongratulationsĀ  :) Nice vid.” mattmoxon,

“Well Done!, a big “UP” for the win!” TomDee,


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