Silverstone TRAX Supercars, September 2012


Mark 4 short rubber side skirts – it was hoped that their solid edges would act as a better fence to the movement of air under the car than the Nylon bush skirts whih allowed some air to pass through the brushes.

Wilwood 4 piston, 14 inch disc vented and cross drilled rear brakes

Mechanical Performance

The revised rear brakes gave much improved performance with good balance, not locking the rear end. Due to the slippery conditions, it was not possible to push the car through the faster corners, therefore testing of the skirts performance was again inconclusive. However, an issue was noticed that the rubber had worn significantly with track contact, a problem that had not occurred with the Nylon brush skirts.

Straight line speed was lacking against a number of the other supercars, more power is required.
Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

Track Results

it had been raining and the track was extremely slippery. Therefore, as you can see in the video I went at a slow pace, staying well within the limits of my driving, as well as the cars tyres and brakes.

Needless to say there were plenty of other people who thought they could go faster, in fact four cars tried to pass me and then within two corners they had spun off spectacularly. Unfortunately due to camera problems the video only shows two of these.

In the case of the aeriel atom, he was behind me for several laps but not close enough to let past. I could see he would catch me a bit on the straights and then make a right mess of each corner. So as not to let him get too carried away, I slowed significantly on the Hangar straight to let him go, only for him to spin off two corners later.


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