Bruntingthorpe Charity Track Day, August 2012


Standard Mustang rear brakes, Rear brake cooling fans
Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

Mechanical Performance

Due to the failure of the rear discs at Cadwell Park, they had to be replaced but only a pair of old standard Ford discs were available. However, the new rear cooling fans helped keep them under control.

Track Results

Due to the poor organisation only a few track runs were possible. Leaving the suspension on a softer setting allowed full use of the track width at the chicane going over the high kerbs and getting fast entry on to the straight. Maximum speed was 120mph.

It was quite an acheivement to catch (or be caught by) the car in front. I was only overtaken twice in the day (a turbo Imprezza which was immensely quick of the line and Ratts in his 2010 Mustang who flew past me on the straight (what has he got under the bonnet ? he says it is standard !)

I managed to pass a fairly feebly driven TVR griffith (which you can see in the video) and on a later session a whole group of cars (two imprezzas, an EVO and some renault thing which held the others up. This gave me a faster entry onto the straight and I passed all of them in one go to the delight of my passengers! I was then taken up the inside by another EVO as we go got to the cones (a bit Naughty!).

I didnt see any cars hit each other, but three Lotus Elises all manged to spin off the track in different places in separate incidents.


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